About Us

Who we are

Maine Healthcare Action is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization with a mission focused on universal health coverage here in the state of Maine.

Where we're going

We are starting our collection process in 2021 to get a universal healthcare resolve on the 2022 ballot.

Here is a Summary of Our Resolve:

“This initiated bill directs the joint standing committee having jurisdiction over health care and insurance matters to develop legislation to establish a system of universal health care coverage in the State and directs the joint standing committee to report out a bill to the Legislature to implement, by 2024, its proposal.”

The best way we can show that we value the worth and dignity of each Maine person is to demonstrate that we care equally for everyone’s health..

Where we are

We planned to collect petition signatures beginning in November 2020 so that the Resolve could go to a vote on the November 2021 ballot. However, we cannot overlook health and safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we will begin collecting signatures in 2021. This postponement will provide a 12 month period to collect valid signatures in a more controlled environment. 

In January 2021 Maine Health Care Action plans to open locations where Maine voters can safely sign our petitions to lead Maine to better health.  With enough valid signatures, the Resolve will be put to Maine voters on the 2022 ballot.  In the meantime, Maine Health Care Action will raise funds and recruit volunteers to fill positions.

How you can help

Valid signatures from 63,067 voters are required to place our Universal healthcare Resolve on the ballot. Maine Health Care Action will strive to gather 80,000 signatures to account for invalid, lost, or improperly notarized ones.

We recognize this is a “heavy lift” and will require many Maine people to commit time and resources to accomplish the task. Please consider making a donation and learn more about how to volunteer today.

Download and read the official resolve language