Letter to the editor: Health care for all

We are writing to bring to your attention Maine Healthcare Action, a 501(c)(4) organization founded by Mainers to place a resolve on the November 2022 ballot. The resolve is designed to demand that the Legislature enact universal health care legislation.

Rather than describe Maine Healthcare Action and its resolve, approved by the secretary of state for ballot signature collection, I would refer you to our website: http://www.mainehealthcareaction.org.

Instead, here is the backstory to our resolve. Last year when we were asked to start a 501(c)(4) designed to place a specific universal health care referendum on the ballot, we refused for a number of reasons: the cost of mounting a two-year campaign, the challenge of defending each and every article of the specific legislation, and the inevitable deep-pockets of the opposition. Most importantly, we were acutely aware of the fate of a number of previous state ballot initiatives to pass universal health care legislation: California (1994, defeated by margin of 46 percent), Oregon (2002, defeated by margin of 57 percent), and Colorado (2016, defeated by margin of 58 percent).

Therefore, we opted to submit our resolve to Maine voters to demonstrate to the Legislature the overwhelming support of the electorate for a health care system that will benefit all Mainers. We understand that “the devil will be in the details” as the Legislature fashions a universal health care law, but let the legislators hear the voters’ message loud and clear: “We demand comprehensive, affordable health care for all.”

William Clark, M.D.

Larry Kaplan, M.D.

Cape Elizabeth


Source: https://bangordailynews.com/2021/02/15/opinion/letters/tuesday-feb-16-2021-sooners-today-health-care-for-all-saddened-by-belfast-protests/