How you can help…

We will need to gather 63,067 valid signatures to get the Universal healthcare resolve on the ballot. That ultimately means we need to gather 80,000 signatures to secure our position on the ballot. It is a heavy lift and will require many Maine people coming together to do so. Maine people are known for their fight and resilience, hence the phrase “ As Maine goes, so goes the Nation.” Let’s show the rest of the country at least one more time that we stand behind that. This will require a massive grassroots effort and we need your help.

Gather Signatures

We need 63,067 number of signatures to get on the ballot. We need a number of volunteers to do so. Are you ready?

Make Calls

To meet our goals we need to raise awareness. Please help during our phone banking.

Data Entry

We need help entering data into our database to track support and opposition.

Essential change in policy doesn’t happen overnight or because of one person. It takes a community and we need your help.
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