Why support

What is Universal Healthcare?

Universal Healthcare is a not-for-profit, publicly-controlled system of providing healthcare to everyone in Maine.

Why should everyone in Maine support Universal Healthcare?

Universal Healthcare supports a foundational aspect of American democracy; namely, working together, caring for each other, and treating everyone in an equal and equitable fashion.

Universal Healthcare supports the dignity of every person.

What are some specific benefits of Universal Healthcare?

Universal healthcare is equitable:

Everyone receives the same benefits.
Everyone pays according to their ability.

Focuses on caring:

Allows people to focus on getting well, not on finances.
No one faces financial ruin because of health problems.
Frees up healthcare professionals, hospitals, labs, businesses, non-profits, and organizations from negotiating with insurance companies. Billing is simplified, administrative work is reduced, and bills are paid promptly.

Saves money:

Savings come from reducing administrative costs and from lowering corporate salaries and profits.
Savings for Maine means more money that can be spent on infrastructure repair, education, housing, environment and community development.
Savings on towns and cities costs for employee health insurance make way for more money to be available for salaries and retirement benefits.

Costs less:

No payments at the time of service (no deductibles or copays).
Most individuals and families will pay less than they now pay.
Helps lift families out of poverty.

Provides comprehensive benefits:

Preventive care and all necessary sickness care, emergency care, laboratory tests, radiology services, dental care, hearing care and vision care.

Provides choices:

Patients choose their professionals, hospital, etc.


Not connected to employment; no job lock, supports entrepreneurship.
Businesses freed from negotiating with insurance companies.
Workmen’s Compensation rates reduced.

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